Clothing Warehouse

Choose Clothing, Toys, and Baby Supplies At the JCFPA Warehouse

The JCFPA warehouse provides for the material needs of foster, guardianship, and adoptive families so they can focus on loving the most vulnerable children in our community. The warehouse offers free clothing and many other items to these families; you do not have to be a JCFPA member to access the clothing warehouse — all licensed foster and relative caregivers in Jackson County are welcome.  Only larger furniture items like beds, cribs, and strollers are for paid Jackson County Foster Parent Association members.


In order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, access to the clothing warehouse is currently available by appointment only. Call Christina Finke at 612-423-6182 to set up a time.

1 W Main St.
Medford, OR 97501

Street parking is available.

We have clothing in sizes infant through adult as well as winter coats and spring prom dresses.  Since we’re always getting new additions, a trip to the warehouse takes on the atmosphere of a treasure hunt whenever you visit.

In addition to clothing for children and adults, the warehouse has suitcases, toys, books, shoes, sporting and baby equipment. We have things like bouncy seats, swings, highchairs, Pack ‘n’ Plays, strollers, baby bathtubs, and other supplies. (Availability is dependent upon current donations.)

Our warehouse is stocked thanks to local businesses and individuals who donate clothing, furniture, and time. We receive a lot of items from Kid to Kid in Medford as they donate their overstocked items. Local schools donate coats and sweatshirts from unclaimed lost and found items.

We rely completely on donations from these special stores as well as other foster parents. If you would like to donate physical items (clothes, toys, baby equipment etc.), please call or text Christina Finke (612-423-6182).