Christmas Gifts

Planning for Christmas starts in October for us! 

We have wonderful community support that allows us to collect and distribute gifts to foster children. Our community partners include local businesses and individuals who understand the importance of making each child feel special.

Can you help? Many foster parents have multiple foster children in addition to their biological children. Last year we provided over 800 gifts to help make sure every foster child had a great Christmas. We are always looking for locations to put up Christmas trees with gift information. You can also share gift tags with your office.

If you’d simply like to provide a gift, we have trees at Walmart and at the Rogue Valley Mall. Contact Crystal Atteberry for additional information.

If you are a foster parent and are a member of the Association, you should have received an email with instructions on requesting gifts for your children. If you did not, or if you just recently joined, please contact Christina Finke.