Do you have questions?

We would love to answer your questions. Please read through these questions and if you have one that we don’t address please click on the Contact link and ask away.

  1. My caseworker has not returned my phone call. What can I do?

    If you are not getting a return call from your caseworker you can try emailing them. Response time can be faster then phone calls. If you don’t know your caseworker’s email, then call the receptionist at 541-776-6120.

    If you feel it is necessary contact your certifier.

  2. How do I report child abuse?

    Call the Child Abuse Hotline: 855-503-7233

  3. My child is in foster care who do I call about their case?

    Call your local DHS Child Welfare Caseworker.

    Jackson County
    909 Royal Court
    Medford, OR 97504
    Phone: 541-776-6120

    Josephine County
    726 NE 7th Street
    Grants Pass, OR 97526
    Phone: 541-474-3120

  4. Who do a contact if I want to know more about being a Foster Parent?

    For the Jackson County Area call DHS Child Welfare at 541 776-6129 x 264.

  5. I need help getting a Medical Card for my Foster Child.

    If you are experiencing difficulties getting a medical card, let Leann Wolf know and she will contact Salem. Please be sure to the child’s caseworker as soon as possible if a child sustains an injury while in your care. It is important to document in our records how the injury occurred, when it occurred, and to whom you reported it.

    Leann Wolf (541) 776-6120 X 275

  6. CANS Screening – What is that?

    Every child entering foster care should receive a CANS Screening (CANS stands for Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths). Expect a phone call from a screener to schedule an appointment within the first 30 days of placement (typically).

    The CANS Screening is a comprehensive screening instrument used to identify a child’s needs and strengths in the areas of Risk Factors, Strengths, Trauma Experiences, Traumatic Stress Symptoms, Life Domain Functioning, Acculturation, and Behavioral/Emotional Needs.

    The CANS Screening is designed to help caseworkers and foster parents develop appropriate supervision plans for children in foster care based on identifying their specific needs and building on their specific strengths.

  7. Does every new child in care need to go doctor?

    Yes: Foster Parents need to take children placed in their home to the doctor within two weeks of placement. In addition, the Health and Education Form needs to be returned to DHS/CW. NOTE:

    When a child is released from the hospital and/or comes into foster care with medical needs requiring delegation, DHS will make a referral to a RN for initial delegation as soon as the child is placed or prior to placement. “Delegation” is the process whereby a RN authorizes an unlicensed person to do nursing care.