Christmas Gift Signups

Christmas Gift Program Signup Form

All current JCFPA members are eligible to receive Christmas gifts for each of their foster and adopted/guardianship children. Adopted/guardianship children are eligible to receive gifts for five years from their adoption/guardianship date.

By filling out this form, you agree to allow JCFPA to verify that you have not requested gifts from another gift program (e.g., Salvation Army or Toys for Tots), except for gifts offered by CASA or Every Child. Any member found to be requesting gifts from other programs will be expelled from our program and risk being expelled from the JCFPA.

Gift Request Guidelines

    • Gift requests need to be under $40 each
    • No more than one gift card can be requested per child
    • There is no guarantee that your child will receive the requested gifts. Substitutes will be made if necessary.
    • If you need gift ideas, check out these gift guides from Good Housekeeping and Amazon.
    • The deadline for signing up is October 31.