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Its the toughest job I have every had being a foster parent. My career was in business but I’m the most proud of being a foster mother. We are a few months away from finally adopting our little boy. The support we have gotten from other foster/adoptive parents gives us strength to keep focused on the kids.

– Bylle


Although I’m not their mother,

I care for them each day,
I cuddle, sing and read to them,
And watch them as they play.
I see each new accomplishment,
I help them grow and learn.
I understand their language,
I listen with concern.
They come to me for comfort,
And I kiss away their tears.
They proudly show their work to me,
I give the loudest cheers!
No, I ‘m not their mother,
But my role is just as strong.
I nurture them and keep them safe,
Though maybe not for long.
I know someday the time will come,
When we will have to part.
But I know each child I cared for,
Is forever in my heart!
~~~ Author Unknown~~~