Section 106 Agreement Law Society

Section 106 agreements, also known as planning obligations, are legal contracts entered into by developers and local authorities in the United Kingdom. These agreements are often required as a condition of planning permission being granted and are designed to mitigate the impacts of new developments on the local community.

The Section 106 agreement law society stipulates that developers must enter into an agreement with the local authority before they can proceed with their development. This agreement outlines the developer`s obligations, such as providing affordable housing, improving local infrastructure, and contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of public spaces.

The purpose of section 106 agreements is to ensure that new developments do not have a negative impact on the surrounding area. This is achieved by requiring developers to provide infrastructure and services that will benefit the local community and ensure that the new development is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The law society provides guidance on the drafting and negotiation of Section 106 agreements. This guidance is designed to help both developers and local authorities understand their obligations and ensure that the agreement is fair and balanced.

One of the key elements of a Section 106 agreement is the provision of affordable housing. Developers are required to provide a percentage of affordable housing units in their development, typically around 30% of the total number of units. This ensures that there is adequate housing for all members of the community, regardless of their income or background.

In addition to affordable housing, section 106 agreements may also require developers to provide funding for local infrastructure, such as schools, healthcare facilities, and transportation improvements. This ensures that the new development does not place an undue burden on the existing infrastructure and services in the area.

Overall, Section 106 agreements are an essential part of the planning process in the UK. They ensure that new developments are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and provide benefits to the local community. The Section 106 agreement law society provides valuable guidance to ensure that these agreements are fair and balanced for both developers and local authorities.